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Chiusano Homes...Continuing a Tradition

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"Making Our House Your Home"

for over 6 Decades and 3 Generations

It began in the late 1930’s when two brothers, Jack and Mike Chiusano, began a business in the construction industry. From humble beginnings, these brothers, the oldest sons of seven children of a widowed immigrant, began a long and exciting journey. Traveling from New York to Florida to Norfolk, Virginia, they learned all facets of the building industry, literally from the ground up. As World War II ended and fighting men and women returned from both Europe and the Pacific, it was clear that housing would be in short supply. Brothers Jack & Mike committed to filling that need.

In the early 1950’s, despite the untimely death of Mike, Jack Chiusano began building his first community in South Jersey. From then, until his death in 1999, through all kinds of housing markets, and literally 1000’s of homes later, Jack’s selection of South Jersey provided to be the right choice. Beginning with starter homes under $11,000 in the 1950’s to 1000’s of apartments, townhomes, move-up homes to personalized semi-custom homes, this family tradition of homebuilding has remained constant in purpose and goal.

Today, Jim, Barbara and John Chiusano continue this tradition. They form a team with a wide range of capabilities and perspectives that are critical to the continued success of Chiusano Homes and the homebuilding industry. An unpredictable and evolving economy, rapidly advancing technology and changing times call for fresh viewpoints, innovative thinking and use of state-of-the-art products to be able to understand and meet the priorities and requirements of today’s homebuyers. It requires utilizing proven experience, time-tested tradition and a hands-on attitude and combining it with innovative contemporary ideas to build homes for today and tomorrow.

Although building styles and techniques continue to change, Chiusano Homes is always committed to providing quality homes and communities where residents can live, work, play and raise families.

Our goal remains as it has for decades: “To make our house your home.”

A Chiusano jobsite circa the late 1940's
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